Jigawatt LBC24V-12

Jigawatt LBS24V-12

Lithium Batteri Special - 24 Volt, 1000 CCA and 12 Ah

Jigawatt LBS16V-25 -16V lithium battery - 2000 CCA - True Cousins

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  • One of the most powerfull 24 V battery
    - more than 1000 CCA!  And a capacity of 12 Ah.
  • Build-in safety warning features - both sound and LED
    - Low Voltage + High Voltage alarm
    - High Temperature alarm
    - Heart Beat signal blink (will last 10 years w. battery fully charged)
  • Compact design, weight only 3 kg
  • Big billet brass terminals w. M6 thread
  • Built-in voltmeter (auto off)
  • Powerful 24 V 8A charger w. tons of features (always part of the delivery)
  • Affordable price (when compared to brands like Braille)

    The LBS24V-12 - build in Denmark by drag racers

    We have been building and racing lithium powered drag racers for many years now. We have set more than 10 NEDRA World records and we have built and are running the Worlds quickest ELECTRIC door-slammer and dragbike. Along the way we have been building lithium start batteries for fellow ICE drag racers and also started selling commercial start batteries for Harleys and other road  and race bikes - and since 2 year also cars.

    The intention with this battery was to build a top performing 16 V battery for the European drag racing market that would be on par or better than the best 16 V batteries on the market. But still it should be affordable and also servicable meaning that we can open and possibly repair a damaged battery.

    With 1000 CCA and 12 Ah we should be able to cover all darg racing situations. We put an honor in making the best possbile product and we are always open for a talk on the phone or mail if you have any suggestions or questions you want to ask.

    When purchasing this battery, please contact us per mail .- this product is NOT in the Webshop.

    Safety warnings - but NO interuptions

    To build a battery with the same safety functions as we have on the standard 12 V batteries would not only add to the price but also mean a build-in risk for false alarms causing interruptions at race critical moments.

    Instead we have put in safety WARNINGS = alarms (but no automated reactions from the battery). You as a user shall react.

    There a 3 different warnings. Over-voltage alarm going off if the voltage of the battery exceeds a set value. This will normally not happen as the included 24 V charger has this safety function build-in. So only if used with a none-approved charger this could happen.

    At the opposite end of the scale we have an under voltage alarm going off if the voltage drop below a set value. This will typical happen if the battery is "forgotten" under some kind of load (turned on ignition, light bulps etc.).

    The last alarm is for high temperature of the battery and would only happen after a long time of a high load.

    All three of these alarms will be noticable by the battery mounted LED and buzzer. Action should be taken immediately as all of these situations potentially can harm and even destroy the battery. To get a longer lasting alarm duration all alarms will sound and light in the same way the first 10 min, hereafter they will alarm with a longer and longer interval and after approx. 25 hours the LED and sound will only appear one time per hour.

    This label is also placed on the battery it self, so you doint need to look in the manual to understand an alarm!

    The 24V charger that always is included with a purchase of the Jigawatt LBS24V-12 battery

    • Why choosing True Cousins as supplier is obvious:
    • This battery is build by drag racers (powered by lithium) for drag racers
    • World leading EV drag racing team w. 10 World Records
    • The LBS24V-12 is developed and build in Denmark by us AND
      this battery is possible to service and repair
    • We have already build special 24 V batteries for drag racing champions like Marcus Christiansen, 2 x European Champion Super Twin Top Fuel Bike + several other racers
    Mike Raymond

    Mike Raymond in his top door-slammer (ProMod) with a Jigawatt LBS16V-25A. Mike and his father have been Denmarks top performes in drag racing cars for many years.


    Jigawatt LBS16V-25

    Batteri technology

    Litium-jern (LiFePO4)

    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    265 x 185 x 95 mm


    3,0 kg

    Terminal type

    Round, billet braas, M6

    Nominel voltage

    16,5 V

    Discharge current @ 10V

    1000 A

    Discharge currents

    500 A for 8 sec
    250 A for 32 sec
    100 A continuesly

    Testet capacity

    12 Ah

    Charging current

    8 A

    Charge and operational voltage

    25,6 -28,8 Volt

    Charging method

    Victron Blue Power 24V 8A charger


    <1,0% per month

    BMS, cell balancing


    BMS, Safety Alarm, Over-voltage

    Yes, audio and visual alarms

    BMS, Safety Alarm, Under-voltage

    Yes, audio and visual alarms

    Over temperature warning

    Yes, audio and visual alarms

    Build-in voltmeter


    Piercing test, cells

    Yes, BATTERY cannot burn

    Ambient temperatur

    0℃ - +60°C

    Lif expectancy

    Depending on use and abuse

    Marcus Christiansen - Speedy Performance

    2 times European Champion in Super Twin Top Fuel Bike and European record holder at 6,2 sec Marcus Christiansen is using a very speicial lithium start battery from True Cousins.

    Hele Jigawatt LBC-SP familien

    The 3 standard - but still high performing - 12 V start batteries  for cars - biggest here, the LBC60SP offers  1700 CCA and 60 Ah with a weight of only 7,5 kg.

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