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The TC-X

After setting 2 World Records (in the 240 and 300 V classes) and claiming 2nd place in the DHB 2013 edition, the fast times had outrun the TC9 as the chassis construction - build for the road - simply was too weak (according to safety rules) to go any faster than the 6.40 s in 1/8-mile.

Our first idea was to build a cage for the protection of the driver but this would only last until 5,5 sec. would be reached. So instead we decided to build a whole new car literally based on the old one. Out intention was to build a car so X-treme that it in the end will be THE WORLDS QUICKEST CAR (or Doorslammer). And since 10 follow 9, the car was named TC-X.

The new build

We were so happy with the shape of the TC9 (originally known as Eagle SS) that we decided to cast a new body for the TC-X based on the TC9 but in a much lighter version, 2 mm glassfibre. It was a tremondous task; first the whole body was devided into 4 casting forms supported by a steel frame. Then the forms were assembled into one form and the new body was casted. The job took 5 weekends for 3 men to do.


To be continued...

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