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The Silver Bullitt

After setting 2 World Records (in the 24 and 48 V classes) with Silver Giant I + II, we took the decision to build a proper dragbike. With inspiration from other dragbikes and also legendary KillarCycle, the frame was designed and later build in 1" steel tube.

In order to keep the tradition around the "Silver" name and also add a special look, we decided to cover the areas between the tubing with 1 mm aluminium plates. Many will think this adds too much to the total weight but compared to ABS plastics or glass-fibre, the difference in weight is only 1-1,5 kg compared to plates made in glass-fibre.

The spelling of the name is a tribute to 70´s action hero Steve McQueen and the famous movie "Bullitt" plus that "bullet" is used by so many others...

The first records

We started out in the 96 V class in the beginning of 2012 by setting a record of 6,75 sec. before taking the second record at the end of 2013 in the 144 V class with 5,58 sec..

The plan for 2014 was to move to the 192 V class but a series of instability problems meant that both some of 2013 and all of 2014 lead to no real improvements in ET. But during 2015 we made several alterations to the bike; enforcement of the rear end, a stiffer rear tire and re-location of the steering damper.

During 2015 a series of good runs and ETs came and finally we set the quickest ever 1/8-mile ET for an electric motorcycle ever with a 5,16 sec./ 222 km/h and hereby the third record for the Silver Bullitt making it a hattrick. No other vehicle at NEDRA holds 3 current World records simultaneously.

The future

We now aim to move under 5 sec and see how low we can go. An ultimate goal would be the 4,5 sec. line which was set by the Rocket during its 1/4-mile record (of 6,92 sec. being the quickest ever by any EV drag vehicle) - it is always good to have dreams...

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